Pine - Liquorice Cordial

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Pine - Liquorice Cordial

Post by Nabatean » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:26 am

Got tons of help here, so glad to share my pine/liquorice recipe.
No good name for the drink yet so calling it Topolino

The drink.
Its a clear, slightly amber eau de vie.
The pine is sweet, not too pungent. The liquorice is in the aftertaste.
There are juniper berries which have been passed in the vapours aiming at rounding the taste and marrying the two main notes.

In spring collect pine cones when still small and red coloured. (common spruce or picea is best) About 4 to 5 cm long. Macerate in alcohol 60 degrees ABV or higher. After two weeks, the colour of the alcohol shift to a warm red. Macerate about one month.

Make a basket with junipers and a 2 chopped sticks of dried liquorice root. Put in thumper or hang it in steam path.


Meanwhile macerate 5 dried liquorice roots in 2 liter of 60 degrees ABV. The alcohol picks up fast the liquorice taste and change to deep brown colour. Taste weekly to avoid over-saturation.

Filter and optionally pass through clearing coal if you dont like the colour.

Now take 1 litre of your distillate and add about 5 % liquorice.

Bring to 42 degrees ABV and drink very cold.