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Post by Fiddleford » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:19 pm

Fiddleford's Grainie Sugar head
This is what I enjoy as a white whisky
It has a heavy flavor the flavor/ texture notes I have taken are
Creamy, Smooth, Sweet, Nutty, And finishing off with a earthy taste
occasionally I get a yogurt kind of taste which isn't bad at all

10 kilos sugar
22 pounds cracked corn ground finely
1 pound feed store roasted wheat
5 pounds feed store barley home malted/ HBS barley malt

Mash Procedure:
Grind the corn to almost a meal and add to 30 litres of boiling water to get the starches lose
Grind the wheat to a meal and add in once the corn is done making a muck
Again grind the barley malt to a meal and add in your barley malt once its at proper temp go into your own procedure for mashing in, This part isn't all to important you'll be adding sugar later
Once mashing in is all said and done pull of the sugar rich wort and set to the side, if you have more a higher abv potential then 8% dilute down your only going to want 18.9 litres of this stuff so anything over 5 gals keep with the grain
Put the grain in a 75 litre fermenter as long as its a permitted material its fine
dissolve the 10 kilos into water and add to the fermenter and top up with water till about maybe 70 litres add yeast, you can add a pound of yeast or 10 grams it doesn't matter past this post its your mash
Add yeast to the 5 gallons of wort ferment both out till no more activity best way to tell is if the mash looks more clear and the cap falls
Ferment on the grain

Strip Stilling:

I have a 5 gallon keg still and I can get 3 separate runs from the large fermenter
with the additional AG wort it comes to 4 runs this stuff is potent
I pull of 4 litres of stripping from each run , so it should yield you 16 litres
Pull off some head and fores right here not to much just enough
the last 2 litres will be cloudy don't worry about it

After Strip Stilling:

Take the backset from the 5 gallons of wort and put it in a bucket for a day or so let it get infected, take the backset from the very last run from the big fermenter and dissolve 9.5 kilos of sugar in it and add it back in the fermenter with the grain and just wait a day for the rest of the backset
Once the backset is infected boil it at a higher temp then 150 F for 5 mins then add to cool water and add into the big fermenter and top up just as last time

Spirit Stilling:

Collect all the stripping and add to the still and make sure you also add some water but leave enough headspace, the water is important
Pull just a fraction of the heads off you want late heads not the early ones
I don't make cuts after that I just run till its gross tails that tastes like the smell of a pig pen and gets cloudy
Collect in a smaller jar and add to your collection jug to make sure you don't get anything gross or cloudy in there
Store the spirit till you have done at least 3 round or gens of this making sure each gen is of the same or better quality of spirit
I get about 3 gallons when all is said and done

After All That:

Airing it out helps smooth down the edges I find
If you want put some on oak (or most of it that's a shit tonne of booze) I don't know anywhere to get usable barrels but I'm optimistic to hear results
Dilute down to your own drinking strength if keeping it white and let it sit for a week in a cool place not cold just cool
I don't like mixed drinks all to much so I just drink it straight probably not to healthy but that's how I like it

Personal Notes:

Don't worry about it settling it won't hurt it
I've been making this for a few months by now, I really like it
I don't use ph things our waters kind of alkaline if I have to I will
the extra wort in the beginning is for just some extra sugar, if you can get some extra booze without diminishing the quality I say go for it
You can scale this down I made way to much of it at one point and had to store it under ground till I could get a barrel
Once you get to the 3rd gen your going to have to add a little less sugar
Rye whisky rye whisky oh dont let me down
Gunna have me a drink then gambol around
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