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Post by LimonChillin » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:39 am

This is something I make around the holidays, some for gifts and some for personal. It's a little hotter than standard Limoncello, but my good friend's mom taste tested the first ever batch and said it was just as good as any other she's had and another friend is asking to have a bottle on each table at his upcoming wedding.

13 large lemons
11 cups simple syrup (3 1/2 cups sugar to 5 cups water. I triple the ratio and have a little syrup left over which isn't a bad thing)
1.75 L 190 proof alcohol (I use Everclear)

1. Peel the lemons with a vegetable peeler. This does take forever to do, but if you use a zester, it's easy to get the pith (white part) and that can leave a bitter taste. Scrape any pith off of the peels. Again, this process is long but the end result is well worth it.
2. Place lemon peels in a large glass jar and add alcohol to steep.
3. Let peels steep until they are bone white. This normally takes about 5-7 days, but I will let it sit a couple more days after the peels are white.
4. Make the simple syrup and let cool while filtering the alcohol.
5. Once syrup is room temperature, mix 11 cups with the alcohol, blend well and bottle.

I like to let it sit for at least 4 weeks before drinking. It's not bad if you go earlier than that but I think letting it get happy for the 4 weeks really brings it all together. If it's a little too hot for you, add more syrup til you're happy and enjoy.