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Canadian mamajuana recipe

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:52 pm
by dukethebeagle120
Got back from the dom rep a couple weeks ago
My wife really liked the mamajuana
And so did I :wink:
So I got back and worked on a version
I got access to free maple syrup
So away I went
Recipe for 1 litre
500ml rum preferably dark but white will work
250-300ml of maple syrup preferably dark depends on how sweet you want it
250ml red wine.decent quality is better
Fill 3- 500ml mason jars with jd smoking chips
Pour evenly between the 3 jars
Let rest 3-4 days then enjoy
My wife says this is as good as down south
Give it a try and I hope you all enjoy it
Anyhow a ratio of 50% rum 25% wine 25% syrup(or honey) is there recipe
They use honey but I like the syrup better
Enjoy :thumbup: