Book Review - Still Magic: A gin distiller’s guide for beginners

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Book Review - Still Magic: A gin distiller’s guide for beginners

Post by Single Malt Yinzer » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:19 am

Writing Still Magic A gin distiller's guide for beginners began as a mission in authorship, but quickly became something far more significant. Bloggers, historians, actors, bartenders, cocktail makers, brand ambassadors, bartenders, sales figures and marketers have made significant contributions to the gin narrative. How this book differs from other written works concerning gin is in one important aspect; the author is a gin distiller, whose journey began in the 1980s and continues today. Heritage, Guardianship, Legacy. These are the key values in gin's enduring relationship with creators and consumers; a relationship that has stood the test of time for no fewer than 300 years.

Gin's resurgence is a global phenomenon and a new generation of gin makers are forging an exciting future.
Armed with this book, you can count yourself among today's intrepid creators and build upon gin's legacy. Award-winning distiller, Marcel Thompson describes the building blocks to help you create high-quality gin. Read this book to understand:

How you can make gin inexpensively without fuss
That inexperience is not a barrier to success
The three core values that professional distillers hold dear
How to commercialize your gin legacy
Why simplicity is key
The book is a quick read. Lots of good info. Covers macerated and distilled gins. There's 5 base recipes that he has you create. There's a couple things he covers - 3 B's (Botanicals, base, blending), DISTIL process - that is more corporate than home, and GSD (Gin spider diagram) for flavor profiles. I am using it to start making gin and I think it did a really good job getting me to setup a process for testing recipes. There's a couple charts with botanicals and flavor profiles. Also there are base recipes for commercial gins.

Overall a good book for people that are new to gin and want to get into it.

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