feints vote

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feints vote

Postby jon1163 » Tue May 15, 2018 9:17 pm

So I've got about 10 gallons of feints (heads and tails) saved up, Bourbon and rye. I usually use a spoon and Spoon out the fusel oils on the tails before I add them to the feints jug.

I have both a pot and Thumper and also a reflux still. Can never have enough whiskey but if it's not worth it I'm good making a neutral out of it. Can I see a vote of who would do what?

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Re: feints vote

Postby Saltbush Bill » Wed May 16, 2018 4:59 am

I'd be pouring all those feints or at least some of them back in the boiler with the next lot of Bourbon and rye wash.
Be a waste to turn them to Neutral.
Ya want/ need neutral make a neutral wash.
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Re: feints vote

Postby bluefish_dist » Wed May 16, 2018 5:07 am

I have a barrel of tails that I reran aging right now. So far it looks good. I would do a feints run unless you really need vodka.
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Re: feints vote

Postby jonnys_spirit » Wed May 16, 2018 5:37 am

I've been saving and mixing all my feints into carboys. Once I've got a full 10g I'll do a neutral run through the CCVM. It's a mix of feints from different spirits and I'm fine with a nice grain based neutral rather than a sugar wash although there are some honey and grape feints in there along with some all grain. Planning to use it in vodka's, gin's, and other macerated/flavoured spirits.

I would probably have 10g but I re-ran all my feints at one point several times cleaning with water after each run then re-running in the pot still. I wasn't quite happy yet with the taste so I put together the CCVM which I still haven't run yet so just saving up till I have a good amount and might bump it with a cheap all feed-corn mash.

My next corn purchase for bourbon / shine / whiskey is going to be a bag each of red / white / blue corn. A little more pricey but I feel well worth the imagery.

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Re: feints vote

Postby HDNB » Wed May 16, 2018 6:56 am

what SBB said.

try running them through a funnel with a blue shop towel for a filter. it's amazing how much oil those will absorb. beats spooning it out.
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Re: feints vote

Postby Wild Bill » Wed May 16, 2018 8:58 am

Hopefully I will have your dilema someday soon. If I would quit modifying my rig I might be able to save up enough feints for a run. As it is now, I have been using them for sac runs after still modifications.
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Re: feints vote

Postby bilgriss » Sat May 19, 2018 9:35 am

Bourbon feints will make good bourbon. And I like a ryed bourbon.
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