Sailor's moonshine tasted and tested by Scotch distiller

Little or nothing to do with distillation.

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Sailor's moonshine tasted and tested by Scotch distiller

Postby zapata » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:31 am

I have no idea where to put this, It's not really off topic at all. But I don't know exactly where it is o topic, so feel free to move it or enjoy it here.

Anybody seen SV Delos on YouTube? It's basically a couple brothers sailing around the world. They're pretty down to earth, and its basically what reality tv would be if you know it didnt suck and "star" horrible people.

Anyway, they started making their own shine onboard after sailing through New Zealand. No real surprise there. Fast forward a few years and they are cruising in Madagascar. They meet up with some fellow cruisers for drinks, and share some of their scotch shine. Turns out the dude is a 5th generation Scottish distillers, family owns Glen Fiddich or something. Damn, talk about pouring a drink for a tough crowd!

Homeboy praises it, and even takes a sample back to the lab in in Scotland to run some analysis on! Freaking Cool!
Jump to 4:32 for a blurry naked Swedish chick right before they meet the Scotsman.
8:32 for lab results.
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