Slowed way down

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Slowed way down

Post by Shine0n » Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:53 am

I've been around now for a couple years and went completely ape shit with making likker and man is it a blast.
I've come to realize after slowing down last year because of work and the newest little one that I needed to slow down on my production of alki.

I have now a few recipes I follow to the tee and thanks for those who actually made them.

I went to the barn the other day and took off my thumper and all the hardware and scrapped it along with 5 kegs. I'm keeping the one keg for my pot and my worm and that's it, I plan only to make 1 ferment at the time now and strip and spirit run to make enough spirit to fill a barrel now and again just for stock.

I've had a blast and no I have no plans to ever stop making my shine but times have changed and I'm in a different place in life with my kids, work and hobbies and the first two have to come first for this man.

I still read frequently and post not as much but I'm here and always thinking of you guys/gals.

I'll be around, Shine0n

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Re: Slowed way down

Post by Fastill » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:16 am

Did the same thing 2 years ago, except this is my first post in years, I was stilling every weekend, always had mashes going and built up a nice stockpile of aging shine. I burnt out on it for a bit and have only made 2 runs in those past 2 years. I quit drinking for health reasons about half a year ago so now my son, almost 30 years old, is going to take over my equipment. I've steered him to this site, hopefully so he learns things that I forget. This place and it's people are still the greatest resource on the planet for home stilling.
Best of luck with your endeavors.
A.D.D. and HD don't go together. This hobby takes time and dedication to learn and do it right and safe.
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Re: Slowed way down

Post by JellybeanCorncob » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:10 am

Hey ShineOn:
All my life I’ve obsessed on things. I think it’s a good quality if you want to get good at something. For me the hard part is not to burnout. I’m always looking for that next thing that will get me firedup and excited to try. Making spirits fit the bill 5 years ago. I still have liquor recipes such as gin I want to explore.
Balance came when I got married and had a daughter. It puts things into perspective and makes all other things not so important.
I love making alcohol and have to admit that it’s more exciting because it’s illegal and it kind of excites me. Goddamn renegades we are. I’ll keep doing this till it isn’t fun anymore.
Take care

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