3" triclamp Stainless Shotgun RC 8" (200mm) length

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3" triclamp Stainless Shotgun RC 8" (200mm) length

Post by Chauncey » Sun Sep 27, 2020 12:37 am

Distillex brand 3" shotty RC. Allegedly knocks down up to 6000w though i havent tested that. It has 9x9mm tubes, and the water connections are 1/4" FNPT threads. It is very well made. I was honestly impressed with the welds after some of the pics i saw of Chinese/russian shotgun condensers. It came with a flute I purchased that I later converted to ccvm so i have no need for it, and with the bars in new orleans still shutdown(only restaurants open) i am still furloughed so its time to unload some extra equipment.

Its listed from the original retailer for 75 bucks plus a good bit of shipping (54 dollars) as they ship from overseas. I would take 50 bucks plus seven bucks to split the 2 day flat rate shipping box here in the US.

It was only used for a water/vinegar cleaning run and a sacrificial run.

PM me if youre interested and ill send pics and whatever.

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