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Diy GFCI jump box

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:32 am
by Solo83
I run 2-1500w elements on my kettle, one on a controller and one full on from the wall. For my controller I just bought a plug in GFCI breaker for the socket but figured I could save $ if I built a jumper box for the other element. I had a project box and extra piece of 12/3 STW extension cord (male end) from other projects. I just bought a 16amp GFCI wall outlet and a standard light switch from Walmart on sale ($8 and $2.50 ). Wired everything together in the box. Make sure to run the ground from the service cord to a wire nut and have 2 extra wires from that to outlet and switch so you're not crowding the ground screws on switch or outlet. I plug my box into my non GFCI home outlet and now have a switch controled GFCI outlet to plug my element into, Works great! If I didn't rent I'd have just replaced my home outlet with a 20amp GFCI for about the same cost but it's nice to have something portable. I run each element off separate dedicated outlets/breakers.