Rubber/plastic on keg for boiler?

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Rubber/plastic on keg for boiler?

Postby Akameglass » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:17 am

So I looked inside with a flashlight and it’s all Stainless,I’m trying to post a picture but it says the file is too big. it has a plastic or rubber coating on the outside of the keg on the top and bottom, and is all stainless in the middle. i’ve been reading and from what little I can gather it should be OK for an electric boiler right? Also I was wondering if anybody had suggestions for weld-less element installation specific to this type of coating on the keg? (Other than the regular weldless options) Should I put the elements above the plastic line? Or keep them lower like if I were to mod a regular keg? Any caution or concerns around the plastic coating with this style of keg for an electric boiler? It was free from my friend who was using it as a table in his man cave for over a decade thanx:)
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Re: Rubber/plastic on keg for boiler?

Postby zapata » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:25 pm

This is a 15.5 gallon keg?
Full rubber coat, or just the bottom?
I'd say it'd probably be fine, but personally I'd try to trade it in for a SS one. I passed on a coated keg the last time I needed one. Might not matter now, but eventually you will want to do something with it and that rubber willnhet in the way.
For weldless element setup, I have used the widely popular electric brewery style 1"nut, washer and o ring. It's somewhere between fine, and meh. OK its fine, if you have to do it. But I gotta tell ya an element in a triclamp fitting makes life so much easier.
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