how did the first settlers in america make likker

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Re: how did the first settlers in america make likker

Postby goose eye » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:13 am

They was business man.
Usein the standard practices of the day.
There is places up the hill you cant build on or live
cause the goverment recomended sprayin crops with chemicals includein lead.
No where did the goverment say anythang bout the apples containin lead an such but they demonized the bootlegers . Truth be tole if you know how to work metal there wont no contact with the solder.

What you think the caption to them pictures would be if one of yall with them dunder pit was jammed up? It would say something about smells an mold
They would say yalls sanitary was dangerous an would lead to death an blindness no doubt.

So im tole
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Re: how did the first settlers in america make likker

Postby Stargazer14 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:44 am

Many are surprised to learn whiskey is more modern american drink and really came about because taxes on rum and its ingredients were just too high!

There is lots of interesting reading on the subject.

"The rum distillers were at the forefront of the rebellion against the British, backed by tavern-keepers. In fact, according to Curtis, the first blood spilled in the Revolution was that of a local rum distiller, Joseph Whicher, who was bayoneted by a British soldier during the initial standoff with the Sons of Liberty. Molasses and other trade goods were soon blocked at the harbors, and rum, also a crucial provision in the war, became increasingly scarce to the point of fading out almost entirely, forcing distiller/farmers to work with bulky grains transported by land, instead of sugar, transported by boat."
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