A UK view point

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A UK view point

Postby LG11 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:40 pm

Hi I thought I would give you an insight into how the law operates in the Uk regarding distilling Ethanol, keep in mind I work for a Biotechnology company thats registered as such and we do extensive work for the main industry in the country I am in (Scotland), also note we have advised out government many times at there request on many matters regarding the industry.
In the UK you CAN NOT distill ETHANOL. Unless you get a special license, BUT you cant even apply for a license unless you distill a minimum of 18000 litres a year. Does this apply to us? yes it does. So what do we as a company have to do? we have to use a small loop hole, we can distill small amounts as long as we then as quickly as is PRACTICAL Denature it so it is unfit for human consumption. So imagine this, we spend huge amount of time with a customer working on a new process, its time to test so we call them up, they come over and taste and the moment the glass is down on the table we pour methanol into it!
Or we distill it and place in a bottle marked (For denaturing NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION). Time and again we have asked to be licensed only to be told we dont produce enough for a license, and yet 4 times a year we get a guy from the revenue people come over and check that our 400ml vessels are not being distilled or used for drinking.
The guy says whats that for, we reply XYZ distillery process at [insert distillery name], is anyone going to drink it he asks, No we reply.
He is happy and walks off telling us we must denature it as soon as we can. One day last year the visit from the customer and the revenue guy collided, they both turned up within an hour of each other, the tax guy walk straight into the meeting and see the customer swilling the product around in his mouth, the customer spits it out into the supplied vessel and we pour methanol straight onto it and stick a label on. By spitting it out he is tasting not drinking. Again everybody happy.
So the farm not more than 5 miles down the road start to make 'BIO FUEL' sold in a vodka bottle....................I o write to him once in a while and miss our chats, but hey 5 years isnt long to wait until we meet again.
Reading your situation I would say they are shaking the tree, its a cheap way to take some the stills out without too much manpower, a serious clamp down would probably involve making any equipment illegal, many of my colleagues over there in labs tell me how hard it is to even get glassware in some states, apparently the moment you buy what we call a conical flask your door gets kicked in and your branded a meth cook. Read some the chemistry forums over there, when distilling start going the way the home chemistry boys have it, then its time to dig deep shafts and take all precautions. For us over here its a bit different, they play a role and as long as you dont sell it then they let you use loop holes and fancy words.
Lets face it crime is illegal the world over, but it hasnt stopped it
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Re: A UK view point

Postby S-Cackalacky » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:11 pm

Sounds like the one thing we have in common is bureaucratic job security. No matter how small the crisis, it can never be allowed to go to waste.
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