Deathwish Wheat germ recipe

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Post by Still_Crazy » Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:19 am

I've been using the cheap blue airstones from wally world or others... today I'm going to pick up one of the stainless types. Easier to sanitize, not so fragile.
Or after thinking on it some, just make my own using either a stainless or copper tube, and several small holes etc.

I don't care to pick up the fermenter and shake the bageeezus out of it, or stir and stir again.
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Post by HookLine » Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:59 am

bronzdragon wrote:A lot of people either stir vigorously, inject pure O2 or run a air pump into their wash/wort for awhile.
I just get my ferment water from the kitchen tap, which has a standard aerator fitting on it. It does the job well and easy. My ferments are up and running within an hour or so.
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Post by bronzdragon » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:26 pm

I've only really seen a difference in fermentations with higher specific gravity. In other words, if you're making over a 1.070 wash, it will benefit from more O2 in solution. If you only boil a portion of your mash/wash and then come back and top off with a couple gallons of fresh water, that water still has the O2 in it. So there shouldn't be a problem.

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Post by Hornblower » Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:44 pm

I have found an electric whisk has been the biggest single improvement on on wash & wort fermentations. It came as an attachment to one of those hand held stick blenders. About 5 minutes of that thing making a foamy whirlpool in the wash is heaps easier than shaking & a bit less hassle than airstones IMHO. Fermentations take off and finish much quicker now.

Great site this. I have been reading it for ages and have just starting to produce some great drinking product, Including the brilliantly simple DWWG.
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Re: Deathwish Wheat germ recipe

Post by Tater » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:13 pm

I use a pot still.Sometimes with a thumper