apple pie

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apple pie

Post by raptor402 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:57 am

Hello everyone
I haven't been posting but I need to post this after success on making the pie with different concoctions. This so far is the best pie ever in my humble opinion.

Take two gallons of filtered apple cider. I used the Indian brand purchased at Schnucks . Place this in a large pot on your stove.
Next step take ten frozen containers of apple juice concentrate and place them in the pot.
Then place 1/2 cup of white sugar and a 1/2 cup of brown sugar in the pot.
Then place two table spoons of vanilla in the pot . stir, stir, stir...
Heat to a boil and remove from stove.
Place ice in your kitchen sink and around your pot to cool it down, to room temperature allot faster and stir it until its below 100 degrees. Takes approximately an hour.
Take ujssm 100 proof and fill your quart jars half way.
I then take a whole cinnamon stick and break them in half and place only a half in each jar. This cuts down on the cinnamon over powering your finished product.
Top off with your apple juice and seal your jars.
This makes approximately 14 quarts give or take.
shake each jar every other day for the infusion. after two weeks you will have some great pie.
ending result is 50 proof apple pie by my calculations in every jar.
Thought I would share this with you guys after all of the great knowledge you guys share with me.