My first distilled ginger wine

Many like to post about a first successful ferment (or first all grain mash), or first still built/bought or first good run of the still. Tell us about all of these great times here.
Pics are VERY welcome, we drool over pretty copper 8)

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My first distilled ginger wine

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Ran my first batch of ginger wine through my pot still last week. Taste like ginger. After cuts and proofing with water I have 3/4 of a gallon at hundred proof.
1 gallon grape juice
3 pounds of raisins
2 pounds of ginger root from garden
8 pounds of sugar
Zest and juice of a pink grapefruit
Water to make 6 gallon
1/4 cup boiled bakers yeast
1 teaspoon of dap
1 b vitamin tablet crushed

Chopped up ginger into small pieces leaving skin on. Cut raisins in half( time consuming). Brought 1 gallon of water to boil. Simmered ginger for 30 minutes. Put raisins , grapefruit juice, zest, bakers yeast ,dap and sugar into simmer for another 20 minutes. Added cold water and grape juice to 5 gallon mark in brew pot.
Stir in crushed vitamin. Poured into fermenter through grain bag. Put bag tied off in fermenter.
I thought my fermenter was a 7.5 , so my goal was to add 1.5 more gallons of water. I only had room for 1 more gallon. Added EC 1118 and let sit for 3 weeks. It was done in 2, but I let it sit a week to clear and clean up.
Ran it slow in a Alembic still. Heads had a very strong ginger smell and so did hearts. As soon as tails started it smelled bad. Ran it down to 30 percent.
Put together a second batch
1 gallon backset
8 pounds sugar
Teaspoon dap
Crushed vitamin b
Water to make 5 gallons
Poured into fermenter onto trub and grain bag with old raisins, grapefruit zest, and ginger. It is bubbling away and smells like ginger.
I would of used less sugar in the first batch if I would of realized that my fermenter was smaller than I thought.
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