Apple pie old fashioned

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Apple pie old fashioned

Post by Dougmatt »

So the ladies in my life have been pushing me to make an apple pie moonshine. I’m generally not an apple juice or cider fan, but the ladies always win so I made a little apple pie for them and they were happy. Me not so much. Got to thinking about how to use this for myself, and I love old fashioned’s and that’s where my head went. So I played around a bit and here’s what seems to work really well for 2 apple pie old fashioned’s (half this to make a single drink or do like me and enjoy it all in one :clap: ):

In a shaker bottom full of ice combine:
2oz bourbon (HBB works well, but I like a little sharper old fashioned so I use a commercial rye)
2oz apple pie moonshine ( recipe below for a 20%, but use what you make as long as it’s sweet. This is replacing the simple syrup and adding some more kick)
1oz of cinnamon whiskey (I use a commercial brand from a local craft distiller, but fireball or prarie piss would work)
2-5 dashes to taste bitters (I like chocolate the best, but black walnut is good, angostura is ok if it’s all you have)

Stir with bar spoon for about 30 spins
Strain into rocks glass with preferably a large single piece of ice (I used round balls)
Garnish with an orange peel and serve

Pretty tasty! Thought I would share in case anyone is looking for something else to do with their apple pie, or like me just happens to really enjoy an old fashioned.

Apple pie recipe I used (modified from an HD post):
32 oz cider
32 oz juice
1/3 cup white
1/2 cup dark
2 cinnamon sticks
1 clove
1/2 tsp nutmeg ground
1 tsp vanilla extract
18 oz of 75% sugar head from HBB
1 allspice berry

Add juice, spices and sugar to a pot on the stove. Heat on high. Stir it to dissolve all the sugar. Leave the lid on the pot. Once you hit a boil, turn off the heat and let the solution cool down to room temp.
Stir in the alcohol. Strain with a sieve into quart jars. In each jar, add a cinnamon stick and store in the fridge. Give it a couple weeks. By my calculation, This comes out just above 20% using the 150p that I used.
I just read an article about the dangers of drinking that scared the crap out of me.

That’s it. No more reading!