shvens ,first rum run

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shvens ,first rum run

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well I started my fermenting using 8 lbs d -brown sugar..
I could only find 3 jars of blackstrap at the local store..14oz bottles ..
turbo rum yeast..I no , ino..I'm reading and finding all the hidden truths on the boards here..but I have to say . the yeast took right off.. I had the fermenting bucket in the bedroom closet..

I started on Nov 22nd ..
my abv reading (have patience, I'm still learning the hydrometer) was 1.100..
I pitched my yeast at 85 degrees.
the bucket was bubbling like a fresh can of was effervescence.. for lack of a better word..

on Dec 2nd it was ready to dostill.distill..
but like anything I do.. there has to be something to mess me up..
so my cheap seeutek still was leaking at about every connection.
the one flex line the threaded end came right off..ugh..
I hit the hardware store.. 4 times before I got it

I wanted to show off my soldering skills but I'm no sure how to post pics yet..oh well. no one wants to see that mess anyhow..
after a the refurbished still was set to go.. I ran a gallon of vinegar threw it , the a steam rum, and a sacrifice run of all my left over vodka run..
then fired up a fast stripping run.. before starting my spirit run..

I got 6 jars of 180 proof and then it started to loose some proof.. I went down to 20 proof by my 10th jar..

I kept the dunder.. I plan on using it soon.. I have it in a bucket in the garage.. not freezing here. been in the 40s ..

I am still reading alot on here and other forums..
I'm wondering how much dunder to add to my next fermenting..
I see some say use just a cup following for a 5 gal wash..and others say use more..
any suggestions would be very welcome..

I have started to collect my ingredients for my next run. I have seen goldens blackstrap molasses on line for 8 dollars a gallon.. I'm paying 6 bucks for a 14 oz jars now.
anyone using Goldens or seen this ..I no it comes out to about 25 bucks a gallon delivered.
but like I said. 14 oz jars for a gallons worth is 40 bucks locally..

I have some pecan wood coming .. I read a pecan recipe on here one of the members had posted the pecan woodchip idea. I was thinking hazel nuts in the thumper in my next rum run to..

well thanks for any reply s..

I am off to get some reading done..

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