East Tennessee Redbud Charter???? 🤯

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East Tennessee Redbud Charter???? 🤯

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I was over helping my 72 y.o. Neighbor with something today and we got talking about distilling as usual. He gave me a nip of what he simply called Charter. It was flipping amazing!!!

The bottle was one of the last hanging around from when his grandfather was still making the stuff. He didn’t know much about it other than it had redbud of some kind in it. He guessed it was a corn and rye wash double distilled in a copper pot because that’s almost all his grandfather and father did. He thinks it went into a big ceramic barrel that would have probably been 30+ gallons from the description. He remembered gathering redbud flowers and he thought they may have used clover in it too. He’s also rather certain that there were staves of charred wood in the ceramic “barrel.” He didn’t remember how long it macerated (guessing about a month max) before going into an oak barrel that he was relatively sure had red wine in it at some point. He guessed it was aged for 7-10 years before bottling.

I don’t even know where to begin describing this stuff. Imagine you mixed a merlot with strong redbud tea and added some Kentucky bourbon before aging it….I guess. It was like a Cabernet in color and mouth feel with a definite bourbon and redbud flavor.

Has anybody ever heard about something like this. I’m gathering info for now before I try it.
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