Cranberry cordial (as we got used to deal with it in Russia)

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Cranberry cordial (as we got used to deal with it in Russia)

Post by VLAGAVULVIN » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:40 pm

First off, you may use either cranberry or lingonberry. You may also take the mentioned berries at half-and-half. As for me, I prefer cranberries.

Well, I'm gonna tell you 2 methods. They are well known in Russia and I use each of them, depending on my laziness or time shortage. Both work really well.

The lazy (slow) recipe.
Just add deep frozen whole berries to a neutral 96% ABV alcohol, say 1 liter of berries + 1 liter of alco. Infuse it at room temperature for 5 to 7 days. Then drain the clearest infusion through some trivial filter. Now take 1 liter of water and pour it into your container with berries. Keep calm for 2 or 3 days more: let some more spirit and aroma come out of the berries. Now filter it in a more carefull way than before. Add some granulated white (refined) sugar or fructose into your second infusion, say 0.2 to 0.5 liter, according to your taste (my own choice is 0.25l~270g~9.5oz). Shake well to dissolve, yeah. If necessary, filter it once again. Add it to your first infusion. It may smell like spirit so, it's worth to leave it for "taking a rest" for a week or two. Enjoy chilled or at any temp that you like. I'd say it's sorta male character likker: don't screw it up by adding some more water.

P.S. You may change a li'l bit the sequence of your actions. For instance, don't add water just after the first infusion is drained. Drop some sugar prior to water. It will work like silica gel over the night.

The crazy (fast and full flavor) recipe.
It was originnally used by the Soviet distillery plants so, some industrial filtration facilities are required. Don't you have them at hand? Go get some towel or strong pillowcase... and work hard in your gym... and take care of your clean walls and ceiling... and coax your wife not to dream of your murder, after all. Well, all y'all are warned since now ;)

And let's go ahead then. Take 1 part (by vol.) of [partially defrosted] berries, 1 part of 40% ABV neutral alco and 1/4 to 1/2 of refined sugar. Turbo-blend them "to death", starting with berries, then adding sugar and finally, spirit. Heat the bloody slush (stirring it gently) to 70C/160F degrees. Every taste and odor have to "tune" into the fine composition at the temp... and they do so. Cover and allow to cool to room temp. Use vacuum filtration, or rotary press, or rub it through your best towel / coarse calico. Bottle and enjoy the same day you started with! For this recipe you may use cranberry, black currant, cherry, raspberry and all their combinations, fresh or defrosted. This cordial will never be 100% clarified as it has a whole lotta esters ans essential oils gotten from the berry seeds. But it's not too cloudy and the ladies like it for its totally mild character.

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