Dark Creme de Cacao

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Dark Creme de Cacao

Post by irgendeinekiwi » Thu Aug 13, 2020 7:33 am

I've made this a few times, the result is a bittersweet Cacao liqueur that's really good on ice cream or in cocktails where colour isn't important

Makes ~750ml @ 25%

256ml 96.5% Spirit, preferably grain
160ml Water
198g Cocoa nibs
1tsp Vanilla bean paste

Simple Syrup
150g Sugar
150ml Water
1125mg Xanthum gum (Stabiliser, optional)

-Macerate nibs and vanilla in the diluted spirit for 2 weeks, shaking daily. You can sub out other spirits as long as they are 60%.
-Filter contents to obtain 315ml of liquid
-Add in simple syrup and enough water to bring up to 750ml
-Bottle and age for at least a month before using