Sakurambo Tea

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Sakurambo Tea

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SAKURAMBO is a blend of black tea scented with juicy Japanese cherries. The tea is topped with crisp rosemary and pink peppercorns imitating the ripe fruit.

Macerated 10g of the above tea in 1L of 43% homemade vodka for 24hr. Made sure I got a good ratio of ingredients in the bill.

After 24hours, the Tea was a dark brown and didn't taste bad. Charged the 2L still with everything. Took a 25ml cut and kept 400ml at 75% ABV. The distillate had a green tint to it which was strange. I'm assume it carried over in the water pulled over.

Tasted exactly like the fresh brewed tea. The Wife even steeped some and added a few tablespoons at full strength. Tempered the rest to 45% and bottled. Still a slight green tint and it froths when shaken. Has a different taste when tempered with distilled water. Still resembles the tea and is pleasant.

I'll wait a few days and weeks to see how the flavor changes. I had read that with tea the flavor disappears over time. We shall see.

Some future changes depending on how the rest period goes: Leave at full strength to add to already made tea or cut with brewed tea.

Next on the experiment is some earl grey.
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