Using glycol chiller for defleg control.

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Using glycol chiller for defleg control.

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Hey Guys,

Possibly a dumb idea, but I have a glycol chiller I use for brewing that collects dust while I run my still. It has the ability to maintain a 0.5-1.0 degree temperature differential of the cooling bath and I can dial it in to any temp below ambient so it doesn't have to be ice cold. This would be for a CM defleg RC.

Here's my thought. My well water system fluctuates quite a bit and I got closer to fixing it with a pressure regulator, but it still drifts up and down about 1-2psi. I wonder if I could get more precise control using glycol. The only negative I can think of is the slight temp swing as the compressor kicks on and off or premature wear of the compressor. Thoughts? Anyone else do this?

I also thought about using VM instead of CM for my plates to get around the issue. I still have to try it.

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