First run (in a while) & First All grain

Many like to post about a first successful ferment (or first all grain mash), or first still built/bought or first good run of the still. Tell us about all of these great times here.
Pics are VERY welcome, we drool over pretty copper 8)

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First run (in a while) & First All grain

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Thought I'd post an update in here since it's been a while since I've had the old still operational and made anything liquor wise. Have been in the wine and beer game, and playing with wines right from scratch (brandy next?) but now wanted to get back at this.

So for updates I got a new boiler (Brewzilla 35L), more tinkering with the still, new coil, redoing the fittings for the aforementioned boiler BUT most important, added a siphon break to the takeoff on the Boka to fix bad siphoning issues (this should really be included from the beginning).

Now since I got a new fancy boiler/brewing system I decided to do an all grain and settled on Mr. Jimbo's Half Barrel (1/2 of a half barrel for me) wheated bourbon and gumballhead. AG is almost ready to go re-racked and now the gumballhead is chugging away. Hit 1.056 OG first time doing an all grain so was pretty happy. Also have a sweetfeed whisky cooking up so a few things on the go.

In the meantime I ran off some old shine and feints from Odin's corn flakes and the All Bran recipe. Nuked aged it and probably the best thing I've ever made and completely non replicable :thumbup:

Anyways here's some pics:

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