Watermelon/Jalapeno Shine

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Watermelon/Jalapeno Shine

Post by Whitecap72 »

20 watermelons, guts only
20 jalapeños, sliced in rounds
20lbs of cane sugar
8lbs of raisins
8 packets of ec118 yeast

Scrape the internals of 20 watermelons into a 42 gallon food grade garbage can, you can leave it in chunks or use a macerator like I did it will turn it into watermelon soup.
Throw the sliced jalapeños,raisins and sugar in as well.
Boil 15 gallons of water and pour into the fermenter on top off all the ingredients.
Stir to get it all mixed together and let sit till it gets to 90 degrees and pitch 8 packets of ec118.
It took 7 days to ferment and i got 2 15 gallon runs of shine that started at 120 proof, i stoped at 70 proof.
The taste is awesome, hint of watermelon finishing with a tangy jalapeno aftertaste. Enjoy!!