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Funny thing

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Funny how some things turn out.

22-05-04 (DD/MM/YEAR) I fermented 100 pounds of cracked feed corn in 35 gallons of water using Yellow label yeast. Two fermentors. Both started smelling of puke pretty early on. On the stripping runs one of the fermenters produced very little. Was sorta sad. Poor conversion and some puke smell.

Had some left over wash from a couple of other ferments. The trub from two ferments had been in the cold room for months and had settled leaving about 30 liters and that was that was racked off and added to the low wines from the cracked corn. One was a Golden Graham malt with oats. The other was left over from a flaked corn oats and Yellow Label ferment.

My thinking was that if it was real bad after a pot still spirit run I could try and make a neutral from it all by distilling through the reflux column.

The whole mess was run through the pot still. After doing deep cuts I had a gallon at 130 proof. I know! poor yield but lots of rejects for a neutral.

Surprise! It wasn't to bad. Added a tablespoon of French oak chips and half an american oak spiral. Has been sitting since May 2022.

last week I added this gallon to a hot water bath for about four days.

:shock: :esurprised: Pretty darn good! Dark color, Smooth Bourbon esk flavour. Obviously going to be magic disappearing whisky!

Going to let it sit on the shelf on its bit of oak.
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