Conversion getting better

All styles of whiskey. This is for all-grain mashes.

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Conversion getting better

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First attempt at a wheated bourbon.
6 gallon recipe.
Corn 70% 9.5lbs only Added 6.5lb cornmeal.(maybe a little on the low side stuff was like concrete in pot and couldn't fit anymore in there) time for a bigger pot.

Wheat 16% 2.187lbs (malted)
Barley 14% 1.91lbs(malted )
Just added 2lbs of each. Close enough I figure.
Heated corn to 175. Added my high temp and voila no more concrete.
Heated my barley wheat together to 145.
Held these temps for 2 hours for both corn and cereals.
When cereals went down to 125 Added my gluco.( still wondering about gluco and denaturing temps).
Let sit over night.
Lots of sweet nectar on top of both in morning.
Starch test showed good conversion.
Added cold water and 3 litres backset.
SG was 1.063
Wiped up to a froth with mixer.
Pitched by bakers at 80( from a starter I made).
Looks to be going well so far
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