Split Brandies

Sam writes ..
    Some of THE best liquor I ever made was some split brandy.

    I took some previous slop with the usual wheat bran grain that I used and separated it into two barrels. Water and 50 lbs of sugar. I also used either apples or peaches. I took the fruit and run it through one of those juicer machines that separate the juice from the pulp.

    I put the juice in one barrel along with the mash and the pulp in the other barrel with the other mash. I fermented and distilled them separately. Then when I was done with that I would carefully mix the two in a blend that was superb. This worked out better for me than just throwing everything in one barrel and running it. Something about the separation and then the blend. Much better taste and smoothness that way.

    Of course the longer it sat the better it was. A friend of mine kept some for several years and then broke it out for Christmas one year. I/we couldn't beleive how good the flavor/buzz was.

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