Jacks recipe for "liquid golden heaven" ...
    Try this-
    • Soak 50 grams of peated malt in a gallon of water at 155F for 45 minutes- remove the grain, add another gallon and a half of water and bring to a boil- stir in 12 pounds pale malt extract-top up to 5 gallons and cool. Ferment with a dry ale yeast.
    • Then put this five gallons into 10, half full gallon milk jugs and freeze them SOLID in your freezer. Invert the jars over some one quart canning jars and allow the liquid to drip out (no external heat) until the quart jar is full- the result will be about 2.5 gallons of malt wine at about 17%abv.
    • Use the "brewing schnapps without a still" type of still (the ice water bath still) to turn this liquid into a 55% abv spirit.
    • Then blend this unaged spirit 50/50 with some sugar spirit (double distilled and carbon polished- diluted down to 45%abv then aged for one week on virgin-new, uncharred, American oak- 1cup of oak per gallon of spirit) then add one tablespoon of honey per quart bottle (dissolved and boiled until clear in some water- just use equal parts water/honey)
    TA DA!!! liquid golden heaven. For a slight fruitiness to this, toss in a raisin or two (per bottle), and let them soak for a week. Having alot of pure sugar spirit around thats really clean tasting is a good thing for anyone (including traditional potstillers') to have laying about! Without blending, pure malt (made with extract) costs about $10US a litre- this makes it more economical, but just as tasty!!
For a wheat whisky, Jack writes ...
    This is the grain bill for Maker's Mark "red wax seal" whisky (the founder of the distillery insisted on the Scottish spelling, instead of the Irish "whiskey):
    • 70% corn
    • 14% wheat
    • 16% 6-row barley malt.
    Mash in the 150 to 155F range for 90 minutes, then ferment on the grain, strain out the solids, then distill to about 70 to 80%abv. If you have any soured mash (from previous whiskey runs) or "backset" use a mix of backset (33%) and water (67%) for your mashing water- this is how the distillery does it. If you want a more neutral flavor, Stoli vodka is wheat based, just distill an all-wheat mashbill (ferment on the grain again) then distill to a higher proof- around 90%abv.     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800