Russian Vodka (Samogon)

Volodia reports ...
    I was under the impression that vodka was made from unmalted grain until I came across a Russian language site: site gives instructions for making a simple pot still and a Chinese still (using a central wok-like condenser), and samogon recipes. For the social and economic background to samogon production (in English) see See also ..

    Measurements are given in buckets, the size of which is not given, but the old Russian bucket measure was 12litres. When yeast is not available, a sourdough starter of 3l of boiled hops and 1.5l of stillage(back slop) is recommended. A fully malted grain based mash recipe from malted rice, wheat, barley, millet, maize or peas is suggested. The consistency of the mash is to be a watery gruel (kissel). 500g of yeast is recommended for 12 buckets of mash.

    Recipes from Samogon site:
    • Wheat grain malt. 10kg malted wheat, 30l water, 500g yeast.
    • Potatoes and malted grain. 5 buckets potatoes, 2 buckets malted grain.
    • Bread and malted grain (1). 20 loaves of bread, 2 buckets malted grain.
    • Bread and malted grain (2). 12 loaves of bread, 1/2 bucket malt grain, 15l water, 750g yeast.
    • Sugar mash. 6kg sugar, 30l water, 200g yeast, bunch currants or morello cherries or dill for flavor.
    • Sugar-beet. 30l of shredded and cooked sugar-beets, 200g yeast.
    • Sugar-beet and sugar. 15l shreded and cooked sugar-beets, 6kg sugar, 10l water, 500g yeast.
    • Sugar-beet molasses. 1 bucket molasses, 25l water, 250g yeast.
    • Starch. 2 buckets water, 10kg starch, 2kg sugar, 500g yeast.
    • Medovukha. 3kg honey, 3l sugar syrup, 27l water, 300g yeast.
    • Mixed mash. 20 glasses wheat grain, 1kg sugar 21litres water.
    Other recipes are for fresh apples, pears, plums and dried apples and pears (in winter I gather).     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800