The next greatest risk to distillers is that of fire.
You're producing a liquid which is on a par with gasoline with flammability, yet doing so around heating elements (or even gas flames).

Make sure that there is no way the still can build up pressure - say by blocking the outlet piping, or accidently crimping it?.
Make sure your equipment is in good and clean condition when you use it.
Be sure the packing material is not clogged up, or blocked.
Make SURE that there are no leaks.
Don't bury the outlet tube under the surface of the liquid level in the collection jar, rather have it dripping into it openly.
If using gas, keep the collection jar quite away from it.
Don't set up your collection jars so that they are easily knocked over, and cap them when not in use.
Keep your area well ventilated.

And never, NEVER, NEVER, leave the still unattended.

At all times keep a fire extinguisher close.     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800