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Maple Syrup for Spirits

Your Brother in Magick, The Omnipresent Mecakyrios writes about using maple syrup..
    Yes, you can use maple syrup to make alcohol. How? Well you take a recipe, follow it and BAM you have your brew. What if you don't have a recipe? Well most people I know substitute maple syrup for honey in their mead recipes. What is you don't have a mead recipe? Well, darn, do I have to do everything for you? Just joking, if you don't have a good mead recipe I will include one that has been in my family for years:

    This is exactly as it is written. My comments with be enclosed in [brackets]. I will write the metric version below the original.

    Honey Wine

    Makes 1 Gallon [US Gallon]

    3 Pounds Honey - Any Kind [Just substitute maple syrup for the honey]
    1 Large Lemon Juiced [Only use the juice]
    1 Tablespoon very strong English Breakfast Tea
    1 Large pinch of bread crumbs
    1 Package of good wine yeast ["good" means a strong alcohol content]

    Fill a pot half way with clean water [basically, if you can drink it, it tastes good, and you don't get sick from it], and bring it to a boil. Turn of the heat and add everything except the yeast. Stir to mix everything real good. Let sit for 20 to 30 minutes [I assume uncovered, as this is what I have done and everything turns out fine]. After the wait, fill the pot to make one gallon, stir, and put into the bubbler [the fermenter with an air lock]. When the brew is room temperature, float the yeast [sprinkle the yeast - not mixing it in] and add the top [put the air lock back on the fermenter].

    Let sit kicking away [producing CO2, or bubbling] for one month. After a month, pour [siphon] the green wine [fermented solution] into another bubbler [a secondary fermenter with an air lock] and let sit until clear. Once it is clear [about 2 to 6 months] bottle the new [not aged] wine. Let the wine sit for as long as you can so the flavor will loose it's bite [let the mead age for about 6 months to a year in the bottles].

    Metric version
    Honey Wine

    Makes 3.78 Liters [Litres]
    1.36 Kilograms of Honey
    1 Lemon Juiced [Just use a lemon not grown in the States]
    15 cc. English Breakfast Tea
    1 Large pinch [use the fingers of a person not from the USA] of bread crumbs
    5 gm. of good wine yeast ["good" means a strong alcohol content]

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