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August 3, 2017

I've been doing a lot of maintenance on the forums and am updating the parent site to remove some of the inaccurate and downright dangerous things which slipped through the cracks for many years.

I also plan to revive the wiki soon, though we may have to start from scratch.

Join us for more discussions in the forums, which is where most of the real action takes place.

Feb 16, 2012. (v2.05)

  • Added apple-touch-icon-*.png files. The background graphic was used, but shrunk, and reduced to 64 colors, and heavily compressed.
  • Reworked the php scripts, changing almost all double quotes to faster single quotes.
  • Removed the _v204_ tags from source php files, and from the css files
  • renamed hdps_menu_functions.php to hdps_functions_menus.php so that the hdps_menu_* did not clash with the menu scripts

  • Feb 12, 2012. (v2.04)
  • Fix many little nits
  • Put the Commercial Spirits index into the eye candy site, and not stand alone. All other of those pages are accessed through that index page.
  • Put site config at the top of index menu
  • fixed bug in calcs_bac which allowed the index.php?mn=xxxxx to 'leak' through (i.e. was not SEO friendly). All other links checked and were OK. Internal Links must use double quote, not apostropy.
  • Removed 'static' menu from setup. Now only eye candy on or off (and if on, screen widths)
  • Fixed husker pot calc, v2.
  • Color 'skins' removed. Not worth effort, at this time.
  • Created a /legacy folder. Put static menu, and ORIGINAL parent site there. legacy is in robot.txt excluded
  • Set 301 redirections for ALL original htm files, in 'root' dir of parent site, to THIS site (properly linked into this parent site). Several pages were enhanced, since the htm was split up, these pages are:
  • /distill/dilute Had to add some links to 'all' the dilute stuff, since this is just the 'header' page
  • /grain/yield Had to add some links, making this also a proper 'index'
  • Fixed up resources menu a bit. Put Forum and wiki as top links (and made sure to put line break between them)

  • Feb 6, 2012. (v2.03) By Husker
  • Added a new user 'site config' page (on intro menu).
    • User can setup screen widths (640/800/1024/1280 and 1600 pix width)
    • no EyeCandy mode, which is like the old static menu
    • color schemes, i.e. skins (currently disabled, will be out in v2.04)

    Feb 3, 2012. (v2.02) By Husker
  • Fixed a couple small issues in v2.01
  • Redid all in php. Now we have SEO friendly URL's.
    • Instead of this:
    • HD.org/index.php?mn=flavor&pg=neutral&pd=vodka
    • We now have these URL's
    • HD.org/flavor/neutral/vodka
    Things will 'work' the same. However, pages like this rank much higher in googles page ranking scheme (and like in all other search engines also). This was NOT a small undertaking. There was quite a bit of code changes required, once it was figured out. This is done using apache22 mod_rewrite to redirect the page access. 'internally', we still get the index.php?mn=menu&pg=page 'syntax'. But the outside user is not bothered with that syntax.

    Dec 2011 to Jan 2012. (v2.01)
    By Husker Fixed the v2.00
    Redid all in php. Removed the java script crap. index.php uses parameters to load the menu, and page (and sub page).
    Reduced the size of the top and left menu bars. This gives more screen realestate to the text
    Removed the scrolling 'section' of the pages. That was the lower right panel. Now, the browser page scrolls, not a scroll 'box'
    All of the 'real' data is not inline in the page returned by the URL (index.php?mn=menu&pg=page&pd=subpage).
    Got proper page 'caching', done. This will greatly reduce bandwidth, especially spiders
    Site now PROPERLY spiders, and will be filled out in google searches, etc
    Lots of little changes, getting things working again

    Spring 2010. (v2.00)
    By Dinsdale. Complete site facelift.
    Site written using new style. A top menu, and side menu, and lower right reading pane
    Using css, so colors are consistant.
    Several renditions, trying to get things right. However, there were several problems
    problem: lower right using a scroll box. very hard to use
    problem: Items with location jumps on pages, can not be selected, until the base page is first selected
    problem: main index.php is huge (37k)
    problem: CRITICAL, direct links to pages can not be done
    problem: CRITICAL, the site no longer spiders properly (due to direct URL's not being able to work, and other issues)

    May '08 (some needed housekeeping work)
    Modified downloads (removed some dangerous still types)
    Fixed some links in 'Buying' a still
    Added a link to the forums in contacts
    Added a link to the wiki books, and added a book in the 'books' section
    Fixed some links in 'Aging' a still
    Photos of pot still section reworked, to show better (and safer) still designs

    11 April '06
    A few minor extra comments added, and tried to get the upload files happy again.
    19 Aug '05
    Quite a few changes, removed dead links, updated the download files. Been a while since the last updates !
    26 Sept '04
    Changed the Paypal address & some other minor changes
    2 Mar '04
    Removed all the dead links.
    27 Feb '04
    Updated the download page to list out other files that can be had. Also trimmed down some of the menus, to see if they will be a little quicker to build each time.
    24 Feb '04
    Added more photos of reflux stills.
    21 Dec '03
    Updated some of the suppliers.
    5 Sept '03
    Fixed the broken menu, and so have updated the "Download" file again !
    28 Aug '03
    Just some minor tidy-ups and additions. Refreshed the "Download" files.
    24 May '03
    Just some minor tidy-ups and additions. Refreshed the "Download" files.
    4 May '03
    Split up the "Grain based Washes" into two smaller pages

    23 Mar '03
    Updated heaps of Wals recipes on the fruit, grain & sugar wash pages.
    Added a page of alambic stills sold commercially.

    11 Mar '03
    Updated the books page.
    Added the "words of wisdom" to the steps page.
    8 Mar '03
    Added Wal's article on Ukranian> alcoholic beverages.

    4 Feb '03
    Added a PayPal donation button :

    11 Jan '03
    Added some of Ian Wisniewski's articles to Grains page. Updated the Slow Evaporation still info.
    31 Dec '02
    Big changes to the continuous column design page (now that I've built & run one)
    18 Dec '02
    More on gin, moonshine, polishing, and aging
    Added Gaw's pictures of a still made with bubble-cap plates
    17 Nov '02
    Updated the FAQ
    More safetyguidelines
    Added Mikes questions/comments about foreshots and how much to remove

    13 Nov '02
    Created a Static Menu for those having trouble with the new fancy menu

    16 Oct '02
    More reflux still photos
    Corrected details about alpha & beta amalyse on the Grains page

    28 Sept '02
    More additions right throughout (most fairly minor).
    Changed some of the references of "Nixon Stone" designs to "Offset Head"
    Changed the menu (smaller and at the top now).

    7 Sept '02
    Heaps of little additions. More grain/whisky recipes from Jack, and details on making "the cut" when distilling. Additions from Mike for the theory page. More design details, Johns gin head, aging details, and liqueur recipes.
    5 Aug '02
    Added new Portugese supplier
    Updated the first run instructions.

    27 July '02
    Added Mikes description of how the vapour and reflux swap alcohol and water as they move through the column packing.
    Butterscotchschnapps recipes.
    More grain and sugar based recipes.

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