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  • Create a new directory for it
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    I'll try to update the file every couple of months. To keep an eye of any changes over time, keep checking the Whats New ? page (on my site, not your copy !!)

    Other Files Available for Download from my site

    The Activated Carbon book (646 kB)
    The correction table for hydrometers (874 kB)
    The Fuel alcohol papers (580 kB)
    The How it Works explaination by Mike (95 kB)
    The Oak pdf - all about aging (693 kB)
    The Distillation of Alcohol and Denaturing book by FB Wright (2.4 MB)
    The Fruit Brandy pdf (345 kB)
    The Lecture 15 on batch distillation (180 kB)

    Apology I would also like to apologise to Gert for my mistake in having the "Home Distillation Handbook" freely available for download. This text is copyright, and available from his site, for US$5. This is a good book, and worth the $5. If you have downloaded it from my site here, could you please make ammends and send Gert $5 for his efforts. Tony.     This page last modified Thu, 03 Aug 2017 20:55:43 -0700