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This site : Home Distillation of Alcohol

Harry's excellent Alcohol Library

Distillation and Stills

Brewhaus - American supplier of stills & supplies.
A 25cm column that produces 95% at 1.2L /hour! Pure Distilling
Another Aussie distilling site :
A Polish site:
The Economy Still - 55% purity for 75 quid.
Distilling Information Archive
U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Title 27 relating to Distilled Spirits Plants (DSP) ha a useful FAQ section.
Mike Nixon and Mike McCaw's Amphora Society - home of "The Compleat Distiller" book.
Th Swedish Moonshine at
StillCookers page at
ibrew wine & beer making suppliers in Australia - suppliers of oak casks
Ian Smiley's book "Making pure corn whiskey" at Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel manual
The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel by S.W. Mathewson :
Distilleries in your country
Outterson, LLC (US) still & equipment supplier
Jan Willem's Distilling page - great illustrations and details.
Distillers news group
Thicko's guide to distilling alcohol.
Gert Strand's Partyman Homepage - book, yeasts & fermentation
Aaron Smith's Millenium Moonshine page
A still aboard the Mir spacecraft ?
Australian Distillation Act of 1901
Big Al's page
Fermtech & Still Spirits (New Zealand)- stills, flavours & yeasts.
Spirits Unlimited (New Zealand)- still manufacturer & book.
Aqua Vitae (New Zealand)- homebrew shop.
Brewers World (New Zealand) - lists suppliers of the Fermtech & Still Spirits goodies.
Desti Lab Stainless Alcohol Still/Water Purifier
Malt Masterclass for training in Malt whisky distilling
Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still
See the Virtual Bar for a brief summary of the process
Vendome Copper and Brass works - price list
Polish Vodka - on vodka technology
Brewhaus (Canada) - essences & yeast
John Stones

Technical/Detail Information

University of Nevada Las Vegas Hotel Administration Course : and the slide presentation which goes with the course :
UCC's details on ethanol's properties & chemical reactions
Information about alcoholism & the effects of alcohol at Unhooked
Alcohol, etc in general.
Distillation when it was known as Alchemy - worth a look !
University of Akron's slide-show on principles of distillation
"The Brewery's" Technical Library for articles on brewing related topics (extremely comprehensive)
AllTech's company homepage (yeast suppliers & Alcohol training)
Info & experiments about yeast and alcohol.
Fun Facts about alcohol
Packed Column Design
Column Internals
'Structured Metal Packing
Distillation, Vapor Pressure, Vapor-Liquid Equilibria

Ethanol as a Fuel

Robert Warrrens Running on Alcohol
By far the most comprehensive : Steve Spence's Renewable Energy pages - with a focus on motor fuel, and the USA ATF permitting processes.
Journey to Forever covers it, along with other reneable energies.
Alcohol can be a Gas from the Institute for Ecological Agriculture

Traditional Distillation

David Nathan-Maisters "Virtual Absinthe Museum - an excellent reference for all things pertaining to Absinthe.
Fermented cereals a global perspective at
href="" target="_New">History of Vodka
- its origin, name and distilling in Poland
Alcohol in East Africa. 1850-1999
The Cognac process, and the Art of Distilling (brief summary)
Whiskies of the World Expo
Indonesian distillation from lontar palm
Making Whiskey - a personal experience by Roger Dowker
Herbal oil extracts


Des Zines (Topkiwi) Code Imports - flavours and essences
Gunther's Liqueur Making - principles and techniques
Alternative site for Gunther's Liqueur Making
French recipes (in French, so use Babel Fish to translate)


Techniques and equipment have improved considerably since..
Greek raki
Moonshine Online
A moonshine
Moonshining - Everything your Dad didn't tell you, and your Grandpa forgot.
Moonshine - How to Make it.
The View from Here.
Moonshining in the Southern Appalachians
Diana's moonshine recipe. $15 moonshine book (no idea what its like)     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800