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To keep up to date, join the Discussion Groups... HD Forums. This site's discussion FORUM. This is a MUST join. You will find EVERYTHING you need to know on this forum. It is the grandaddy of them all. Cutting edge discussion. All current practices and safety information is discussed here.

Distillers Newsgroup

A goo group (but hard to work with format), is - with heaps of heaps of usefull, experienced advice from professionals, engineers, keen ammatures, and hicks alike. It will e-mail you the messages too, so you don't have to go hunting through the site each time (and also means you can get them at work!). If you have ANY questions, post them on this newsgroup. It use to be at eGroups, but its since been taken over by Yahoo
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Description : Dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences relating to the process of producing alcohol at home. Especially suited to spirit distillation. For more information, mailto:
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Note that the Daily digest won't have any of the attachments. To get these you will either need the Individual messages, or go to the Web site.

An searchable archive of the messages is also available at (big thanks to Martin Klingensmith for setting this up !)

New Distillers Newsgroup

Des thought that Distillers was getting a little too technical for absolute newbies, so he also started a second group at YahooGroups called New_Distillers. The object is to keep the discussion to fundamentals and foster good technique at an early stage.
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Dutch Distillers Newsgroup

There is also a newsgroup specifically for those who speak Dutch.


If you have Usenet access, look up rec.crafts.distilling
Their FAQ can be found at

IRC Chat Room

There is a #newdistillers channel at

If you don't have mIRC or the like installed, simply go to and use the Javascript applet there (it will automatically connect you - nothing could be easier)

HomeDistiller.Org Forums

See for the forums at HomeDistiller.Org.

Its broken down into the categories of ..
* Research and Theory
* Stills and Appurtenances
* Mash/Ferment/Distill
* Flavouring and Aging
* Alcohol as Fuel
* Resources and Reviews

There is now a new forum also at

Biofuels Newsgroup

If you're into making ethanol as a fuel, try the Biofuels news group at YahooGroups.

Distilled Beverage Digest

The "Distilled Beverage Digest is an email based digest for the discussion of subjects pertinent to the making (non-US) and enjoyment (worldwide) of distilled beverages." Note that only subscribers can post to it, so sign up.

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Homebrew Digest

Homebrew Digest, which hosts the DBD, is a very active homebrewing discussion digest, with less noise than rec.crafts.brewing. While spirits and distillation are not normally a part of hbd, home brewing is, of course, a first step in the production of whiskies.
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American Distiller Newsletter

Bill Owens (of American Brewer) has just started an (AD) American Distiller newletter. Its aim is to legalize home distilling and promote the industry. Send an e-mail to if you want to be on the mailing list.     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800