Unit Conversion Tables

Just for you old-school types, or those Americans out there who haven't yet grasped the virtues of using SI (metric) units (the maths is a lot easier !), heres a conversion calculator for you.


kW = BTU/hr
BTU/hr = kW


kg = lbm     (or cups sugar)
lbm     = kg       (or cups sugar)
ounces     = g      
g     = ounces      


L = US gallon = UK gallon
US gallon = L = UK gallon
UK gallon = L = US gallon

US Fluid Ounce = mL
mL = US Fluid Ounce


mm = inches
m = feet
inches = mm
feet = m


degrees C = degrees F
degrees F = degrees C

Sugar Concentration

Specific Gravity (SG) = degrees Plato
degrees Plato = SG
kg sugar made up to L total volume
should have an SG , be Plato degrees, and only require L of water
"degrees Plato" = weight % of sugar per total weight of the solution.
eg 20P = 200g sugar, in 1kg of solution

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