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DSM Fermivin

DSM Fermivin (FV-500) S. cerevisiae - A good general purpose yeast strain. Quick starting with low foam production and low VA production. Has high alcohol tolerance.

DSM Fermivin PDM

DSM Fermivin PDM (FVPDM-500) S. bayanus - Same strain as the Red Star Premier Cuvee and the Lalvin EC-1118.

DSM Fermiblanc

Fermiblanc (FB-500) S. cerevisiae - Has characteristics similar to EP2 with enhanced aromatic expression, low foam production and low volatile acidity production.

DSM Fermirouge

Fermirouge (FR-500) S. cerevisiae - Quick starting yeast with low volatile acid and foam production. It enhances aromatic expression in reds and improves mouth feel.

DSM Fermichamp

DSM Fermichamp (FC-500) S. Bayanus - A good sparkling wine yeast, but may have its best use to restart stuck or sluggish fermentations. It will ferment to at least 17% alcohol and will restart a stuck wine at 12% alcohol or higher.