Even-more Irish rootbeer float

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Irish Root Beer Float

The Even-more Irish Rootbeer Float is a widely accepted variation of the Irish Root Beer Float in which some, or all of the vodka is substituted with whisky. Presumably, whisky was not in the original mix because of its strong flavor which in many ways defeats the goal of the Irish Root Beer Float, that is, to be sweet and unassuming, and yet viciously effective. Some locals believe whisky was left out of the original mixture because there was no whisky available (legend states it was created during an angry winding-down process at a party) and still others that the creator was too drunk to read the labels on the bottles. Recipe

While a minor variation, it does result in a definitively different drink. The flavor is richer and more caustic and far less conducive to first-time drinkers. It does stay truer to its namesake, however.

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