Irish Rootbeer Float

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The Irish Rootbeer Float is a relatively new invention, finding its origins in the Southwestern region of Pennsylvania. It is a creamy, sweet beverage that utilizes the mild neutral flavor of vodka to excellent effect, having a deceptively high alcohol content. The mix itself is very simple and versatile. Many feel that an Irish rootbeer float can act as a better introduction to spirits than beer, which is a far more common introduction to alcoholic beverages.


While details of the creation of the Irish Rootbeer Float are sparse and dubious, it is rumored that it was created as a reaction to a party at which people were "drunk, but not happy." Local legend describes the creator as alternately a mysterious genius, and a "skinfilled misanthrope." In either case, the beverage was received exceedingly well, the simple recipe spreading by word-of-mouth across the region. Some claim the beverage was created immediately after a fierce battle of wits (the nature of the battle, if it even occurred, is sadly lost to time, most likely due to the impaired memory of any of those present) in an attempt to "lighten the mood."


As has been stated, the recipe for an Irish rootbeer float is very simple. The traditional mix is thus:

In a chilled glass mug,


The Irish rootbeer float is hailed for its versatility. The recipe itself is not written in stone, and the ratio may be adjusted to taste without compromising the overall flavor of the beverage. Furthermore, some established variations exist, the Even-more Irish rootbeer float being a splendid example.

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