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Premium wine yeast from Scott Laboratories:

Restart Stuck Fermentations, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chenin Blanc, White French Hybrids, American Cultivars, Sparkling Base, Fruit Wine

S. cerevisiae • cerevisiae

  • Selected by the ICV in Mont­pellier, France, among numerous killer strains isolated and studied by Pierre Barre at INRA.
  • When fermented at low temperatures (16°C/61°F) with proper nutrition, it is a strong floral ester producer, especially in neutral or high-yield varieties.
  • Among the high ester production strains, Lalvin V1116TM is the most tolerant of difficult fermentation conditions such as extreme temperatures, high alcohol (18% ABV) and low turbidity.
  • Ferments well under stressed conditions and is useful in restarting stuck fermentations, especially when relative fructose levels remain high.