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SB yeasts are active dry yeast (ADY) cultures like Red Star or Lalvin wine yeasts. While not readily available in the United States, they are available on-line from The Home Brew Shop of Farnborough, Hants, UK.

SB 1 Bordeaux

For red or white table wines. Rapid starting with good resistance to sulfur dioxide. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 2 Burgundy

For full bodied red wines. Good tolerance to alcohol and sulfur dioxide. Easy starting properties and a vigorous fermenter. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 3 High Alcohol

A tolerant strain specifically suited to the production of dessert wines like port or sherry or typical fruit wines. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 4 Rosé

A strain of Bordeaux yeast particularly suited to the making of Rosé table wines, quick to start and is clean and free from excessive froth. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 5 Hock

A high quality yeast for white table wines, very good for fermenting at low temperatures. Temperature range 15-20° c.

SB 6 NU Start

A special wine yeast with the ability to re-start stuck musts after partial fermentation. For best results, activate before adding to must. Sachet packaged for 1 to 3 gallons. Temperature range 16-23° c.

SB 7 Champagne

A style of S. Bayanus which has a good fallout rate and good re-ferment properties. Temperature range 15-25° c.

SB 8 Sauterne

A Bordeaux strain suited to the production of Sauterne type wines with a high starting sugar content. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 9 Chablis

A style highly suited to production of full-bodied dry white wines. Resistant to sulphur dioxide and tolerant to temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 10 General Purpose

Suitable for the production of non-specific wines, like vegetable, fruit, flower and ginger beer. Temperature range 18-23° c.

SB 23 Super Yeast

A superior general purpose yeast which is fast fermenting and with a very high alcohol tolerance. Temperature range 15-20° c.