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A simple and popular American cocktail invented in the early 1950s, made with vodka and orange juice, which was then available nationally, for the first time, as a frozen concentrate. Sometimes a dash of Angostura bitters was added to early versions.

A white rum screwdriver is a variation. A 1960s variant of this cocktail, known as an astronaut screwdriver, substituted Tang for orange juice. Another variant, known as the red screwdriver, also adds a splash of Red Bull to it.

The first mention of a Screwdriver was Art Ryon's column in the Los Angeles Times on February 5, 1952:

While concurring wholly with Tim Turner's lament on these pages about the recent practice of substituting vodka for gin in Martinis, we regret that he didn't go further. Do you realize, Tim, that the latest craze in the amateur set is vodka and orange juice?

In the Soviet Union, a screwdriver cocktail was usually made with vodka and Fanta soft-drink.


Pour vodka over ice and add orange juice to taste. Garnish with a twist of orange or lemon.

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