Centrifugal force

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From Webster:

Centrifugal force Function: noun

1. The force that tends to impel a thing or parts of a thing outward from a center of rotation.

2. The force that an object moving along a circular path exerts on the body constraining the object and that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation, for example, a stone whirled on a string exerts centrifugal force on the string.

Distillers use a centrifuge to separate suspended solids from beer.

   The clouds are really cheap
   The way I seen 'em thru the ports
   Of which there is a half-a-dozen
   On the base of my resorz
   You wouldn't think I'd have too many
   Since I never cared for sports
   But I'm never really lonely
   In my Excentrifugal Forz
   There's always Korla Plankton
   Him 'n me can play the blues
   Tiny ruby that he use
   He'll straighten up his turban
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   An' then I'll call PUP TENTACLE
   I'll ask him how's his chin
   I'll fine out
   How the future is
   Because that's where he's been
   His little feet got long 'n flexible
   An' suckers fell right in
   The time he crossed the line
   - Zappa and the Mothers of Invention