Developing a Flavor Profile

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When contemplating your flavor profile it is important understand how each part of the process can affect the flavor.

Process Whiskey Rum Vodka/neutral spirit Brandy/Eude de vie Gin/Genever/Absinthe
Raw Material Selection Grains, Phenols of grains, Malting Sugars, Molasses Grains, Sugar, potatoes Fruit, Grape Grains, Sugar, Maceration,
Fermention Yeast, Esters, Open/Closed fermenting, Muck pit Yeast, Esters, Open/Closed fermenting, Muck pit Yeast Yeast Yeast
1st Distillation aka Stripping or Wash Run Cuts, Esters, Thumper Cuts, Esters, Thumper Cuts, Esters Cuts, Esters Cuts, Esters, Vapor Infusion
Low Wines
2nd Distillation Spirit Run
Aging, Maturation, Flavoring