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Fernet Branca

From Wikipedia:

Fernet-Branca [ferˈnɛt ˈbraŋka] is a brand of ''amaro'', or bitter herbal liqueur. Bernandino Branca invented the Fernet-Branca bitter in Milan, Italy, in 1845. The brand soon thereafter gained popularity, leading to the founding of the Fratelli Branca Distillery.

Fernet-Branca is often consumed neat as a digestif, typically served in a cordial glass, or as a mixing component (usually supportive and not as the primary ingredient) in cocktails such as the "Toronto", the "Fanciulli", and the more prolific "Hanky-Panky".

The beverage was originally promoted for its health benefits including as a remedy for “overeating, flatulence, hangovers, gas pains, (and) lifting yourself off the floor when you’ve mixed oysters and bananas.”

Fernet-Branca has enjoyed a recent growth in popularity in the United States particularly due to an increase in the interest in and mixing/serving of "vintage" cocktails.

In Argentina and Uruguay, "Fernet con Coca" — Fernet-Branca with Coca-Cola — is a popular refreshment