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At Home Distiller, we seek to dispel myths, provide information and disseminate knowledge regarding the history and processes of our favorite art form: distillation of spirits.

Distillation is an adult hobby for responsible individuals. Most hobbies are much more forgiving than distillation. If you are not careful while distilling you can ruin your floors and carpets, asphyxiate yourself, start a serious uncontrollable fire, or poison yourself and your friends to name a few consequences of irresponsible action.

If you are willing to learn, put in the requisite practice and always consider safety of utmost importance, you can produce high quality spirits of practically any type, many of which will be of far superior quality than their commercial counterparts.

Read, learn, understand, ask the experts, then read some more. The best place to start is with our introduction.

Most of all, have fun and stay safe!

- Uncle Jesse

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