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Welcome to Homedistiller!

This site contains detailed information regarding the creation of distilled spirits for beginners to advanced distillers. The information contained here is the distilled (pardon the pun) information contained in our forums. To ask specific questions or to do more research, check out the Home Distiller Forums.


The journey of a thousand steps starts with one.

Beginners should check the New Distiller Reading Lounge.

Know the Legality of distillation in your area.
Safety first! Distillation requires responsibility.
Introduction to distilling all manner of spirits.
New Distiller's FAQ
What is: Whiskey - Rum - Brandy - Vodka - Gin - Cordials and Liqueurs - Other Spirit types
Books and Publications - Tables - Charts - Troubleshooting Guide

Washes, Mashing and Fermentation

Let the fungus make magic

Once you've decided what you're going to make here's how to get it started.

Most good things start with good water.
Wash preparation from grains to starch.
Fermentation of sugars by yeast.
You wouldn't want to drink a distillers version of a beer.
Wine is the precursor to brandy and many related spirits.
Need some inspiration? Start here: Tried and True Recipes.
All things Mashing related: Mashing Category.
All things Fermenting related: Fermenting Category.
All things Yeast related: Yeast Category.


Ye Olde Timey Pot still

Now that your fermentation is complete the fun part comes next.

Distillation history and instruction.
Theory and design of Stills.
Understanding Cuts and fractions.
Prepare for your first Stripping run and Spirit run.
Methanol and the denaturing of alcohol.
Commercial uses of ethanol beyond the beverage industry.
All things Distillation related: Distillation Category.

Maturation, Storage, and Flavoring of Spirits

Barrels and barrels

You're done making your product, next comes worst part, waiting.

Maturation, storage and Cooperage.
Learn about Woods for aging.
And how Barrels need Toasting and Charring.
Flavoring of spirits and cordials.
Making Gin with Vapor Infusion or Maceration.

Drinking & Cocktails

Bottoms up!

Now the best part, enjoying your product!

All the Cocktails: Cocktails Category
Wikipedia: Liquor Portal