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Sugarheads are spirits which use white table sugar as the base for fermentation, but contain additional flavoring adjuncts. The included adjuncts do not undergo saccarification conversion so they do not add fermentable sugars to the wash, and are added almost solely for flavor. Fruit wines with low natural sugar content can also be made as a sugarhead to increase the specific gravity.

Sugarheads are great beginner recipes as they do not require any specialized or expensive mashing and lautering equipment. A great whiskey flavor can be achieved with a sugarhead fermentation. As they are simple, beginners can focus instead on learning the distillation process.

Many people continue making sugarheads even after they learn more complex methods because they are inexpensive, simple, and can make a great tasting product.

A specific type of Sugarhead is a Gumball using spent grains as a flavoring source.

Sugarhead recipes