Alembic Still

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Alembic Still
Parts of the still
Alembic stills in use at Maggie's Farm Rum Distillery

An alembic (from Arabic الإنبيق (al-anbīḳ); from Greek ἄμβιξ (ambix), meaning 'cup, beaker') is an alchemical still consisting of two vessels connected by a tube, used for distilling chemicals. The Alembic is one of the oldest and simplest pot stills. Still in use today for Whiskeys, Rums and fruit based spirits. It maintains the most flavor from the original materials. It is not used for neutrals like vodka as it cannot achieve the purity and high alcohol levels as a Reflux still.

When distillation was brought from the Arab world to Europe, the name "Alembic" was brought with it.

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